High quality disposable gloves & masks for the medical, dental, laboratory, veterinary, food, automotive, tattoo & law enforcement industries.

About Norcal Supply:

Norcal Supply Products include disposable latex gloves, nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves and disposable masks.

The past seven years I have worked doing sales in the industrial market. While being in sales I noticed how many different industries use disposable gloves. I also took note of the quality of gloves from different manufactures and distributors. Before I started my business and partnered with any manufacturer, I began doing hours of research, the hours became days and days into months. This is how the "Shark" blue nitrile gloves began and the "Panther" black nitrile gloves. I not only invested time, I spent quite a bit of money for shipping samples from a variety of oversea manufactures. It wasn't until three months into my research when an owner of a glove company (that was a little higher in price than all the others) told me "Quality will always beat price and that he sleeps well at night because of that". That caught my attention because I also know that to be true, while dealing with many types of customers over the past seven years.

Needless to say this gentleman who has been manufacturing gloves for over thirty years is my overseas supplier for both "Sharks" and "Panther" nitrile gloves. These gloves have been certified under ISO 9001 quality management system which is very crucial in fostering acceptance in the worlds markets. Shark and Panther gloves meet FDA requirements for food contact. Please buy either one of these gloves with confidence. I did the research and work to offer you, my customer, quality private labeled gloves from Norcal Supply.

Norcal Supply Company also distributes a variety of protection and healthcare products including: examination gloves, disposable gloves and face masks. We support the medical, dental, laboratory, Veterinary, food, automotive, tattoo and law enforcement industries.

Norcal Supply has taken the same kind of concern for you while choosing the right gloves for the industries mentioned above. We are proud to offer you the full line of Adenna gloves and face mask.

No matter what industry you may be in, we have you covered. We are committed at Norcal Supply to offer the best quality products at competitive prices. Your satisfaction with our products is very important to us. We look forward to supplying you now and in the future.